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Insect Removal

Insect Removal

Rely on our dependable pest control company to solve your unwanted infestation. We’re able to get rid of all flying insects and crawling creatures from your home.


Rodents and Bird Proofing

If you’re experiencing pest problems in your home, turn to us for the answer. Our experience within the industry allows us to provide rodent removal and bird proofing.


Treating Woodworm

For quick and effective woodworm treatments, call upon the team at our reputable business. As experts in pest control, we’re on hand to remove the issue and prevent it from happening again.


Controlling Pests

From foxes to moles, pests have the potential to cause damage and disruption to your home. Make sure this doesn’t happen by taking advantage of our pest control services.

About Us

Infestations in your home or business cause problems and should be treated quickly by a team of professionals. For a rapid response and a cost-effective treatment for pest control, look no further than Ridapest Ltd. From removing residential wasps nests to ensuring food manufacturing companies are compliant to all environmental health requirements, our exterminators strive to get the job done.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, our professional and friendly team have a proven track record of success. Offering a wide range of services, our experts are specialists in getting rid of any pest and are able to prevent any future infestations. We do this by giving you experienced advice after solving the problem to prevent it happening again.

Pests are problems that need to be dealt with and we aim to make sure this is done safely for children and pets. Thanks to our competitive prices and customer-focussed approach, all of our reviews are excellent and we’ve been rated 10/10 by many of our clients. Aiming to deliver a fantastic service every single time, we make sure that all our customers’ cases are treated equally and individually.

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