Proof Your Roof to Fight Against Bird Infestations

Birds of all kinds may start to nest within your property and it’s something many home or business owners want to avoid. As well as being experts in rodent removal, Ridapest Ltd is also able to carry out a variety of bird proofing and prevention treatments. Prevent damage and mess from being caused to your home or business by calling upon the skills and expertise of our highly regarded team.

Bird Control

To allow us to identify the most appropriate treatment, we’ll carry out a free survey of your premises. From this, we can identify the work that needs to be done and establish the best-suited method, all of which are safe for children and pets.

  • Wiring - We will lay a wire that will stop any bird landing in your roof or ledges so they can't habitat.
  • Spiking - We will lay set spikes in locations to stop any birds from landing or nesting in your roof.
  • Netting - We can place a net to stop a bird getting into a set location across the roof.

Bird Foul Clearance

This is not a job for the untrained or the unprepared and should only be carried out by specialists who understand the risks, are fully trained and also equipped with all the necessary PPE. Ridapest Ltd ensure full  precautions are taken in case the fouling is contaminated. Before removal, the fouling is doused in a biocidal solution that will nullify the effects of any diseases and neutralise the faeces. Waste matter is double bagged and sealed for safe removal from site.

Any bird related insect activity, (bird fleas or mites for instance), will be treated with a residual insecticide, where deemed necessary. The service from Ridapest Ltd includes COSHH and Risk Assessments, detailed Method Statements and Specifications plus full compliance with transport and waste disposal regulations.

Contact us today for further details about effective bird proofing solutions such as bird nest removal.

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