Removal of Rodents is Easy with Our First-Class Solutions

Mice, rats and other rodents have the ability to easily infest your home if they’re not caught quickly. Working rapidly and offering a reliable solution, Ridapest Ltd specialises in rodent control and removal services. 

Rodent Control

No matter your rodent problem, our time-served experts are on hand to solve it. Whether it’s your home or business, our team have the answer. We are able to get rid of:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Glis glis

Backed by an extensive amount of experience, we can identify any rodent based on the marks or droppings they leave behind. This enables us to establish exactly what we’re dealing with just by looking at the area.

Glis glis Removal

Though Glis glis are mainly found in the Hertfordshire and surroundings areas, many people turn to Ridapest Ltd for our unrivalled pest control services. Glis glis are nocturnal rodents that can be usually heard in the loft as when they’re active they are often noisy creatures. If you want a peaceful night’s sleep where you don’t have to worry about your current pest problem, look no further than our highly regarded pest control company. The treatment of Glis glis is a monitored procedure and our company has the Natural England license to verify we are allowed to perform the act. Glis glis treatments are done by installing traps that are checked on a daily basis. We make sure that each trap is well-maintained and we will reset them as many times as necessary to ensure all rodents are caught. We will survey the house or property to try and locate the point of entry and recommend proofing methods.

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