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Prevent pests from causing problems in your house by relying on the services available at our pest control company. At Ridapest Ltd, we offer woodworm treatment as well as wide range of solutions to deal with other pests. Through our many years of experience, we have a special method of treating the woodworm problem that will allow us to perform a one-off treatment to remove issue.

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Treating Woodworm

We offer two specialist treatments that deal with woodworm problems within any residential or commercial property.

  • Water based treatment - The highly effective and efficient water based treatment allows you to re-enter the treated area, a short time after the treatment is completed. The solution will remain within the layers of timber, cracks, crevices and flight holes to prevent any future infestations.
  • Fogging treatment - Ridapest Ltd unique fogging systems are often used to treat under flooring and floorboards by lifting one length of floorboard across the room for access meaning carpets and furniture are often left indoors during the treatment. Our fogging can often allow the affected room to be back in use within a few hours of woodworm treatment being completed.

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